Philippine Reflections

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I have returned to the States, and once again, I am so amazed by the World Surgical Foundation’s work and commitment. Upon my return I was so wiped out. The jet lag alone was brutal, but WSF doctors, nurses, and volunteers are back to work without complaint. Admiration is an understatement. Surgical missions are exhausting, and I don’t know how they do it. . . . The only conclusion is the passion they have for doing this and really making a difference gives them a superhuman energy.

Reflecting on the three weeks spent in the Philippines, I just can’t express adequately enough the important work done there. Being a part of changing the lives of so many sick and dying patients was beyond beautiful. World Surgical Foundation does so much, all at no cost to the patients. Just the simple fact that over 200 people lives are changed forever makes my heart sing.

The World Surgical Foundation is a real, honest, and generous foundation. What WSF does is unbelievable, and there is so much more to be done around the world. This is why we do not just go in, preform surgeries, and leave; our doctors also teach the local physicians to improve the care patients get when we are gone.

After participating in two missions, I have been inspired to go to nursing school so I can actually help medically in the ORs or PACU. Seeing a young boy get his life back as a result of WSF, being in the operating room, helping any way I could . . . just being there alone was my gift, but I want to do more.

-Mikaela Lannan

About World Surgical Foundation

The World Surgical Foundation is committed to providing charitable surgical health care to the world’s poor and underserved in developing nations regardless of race, color, religion, or creed.
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